Essons is one of the leading manufacturers of rubber products and we operate in three different countries with four factories. By combining each factory’s capabilities with the others, we are able to show flexibility, creativity and efficiency to match the most challenging of client requirements. Furthermore, Essons continuously invests in Research & Development for advanced technologies to ensure that Essons stays at the forefront of the industry, supported by efforts to offer the most complete client services possible.


Centered and focused on our client’s needs, Essons uses advanced production technology to fulfill the client’s needs and to refine production. Essons have four well established manufacturing bases spread across Asia and, through brilliantly refined advance production techniques and state of the art equipment, our products are widely used in many processing industries.


Since the company was founded, Essons has used TQM to ensure that all the products are under strict quality control and conform to required specifications. The quality management procedure is designed around our people. With the full involvement of our employees as the foundation for successful quality control and delivery, Essons monitor each step of the manufacturing process and ensure that our clients get the best possible results. This approach and its results has gained us the trust of all our clients.